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 The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)

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PostSubject: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:25 am


The World
More or less the world is controlled by corporations who implement rules and regulations in the world which you live. If you need an idea of the setting style watch "The Fifth Element" and "Blade Runner". Unlike those two shows there are domes of protected life and no space travel yet that is thesesable for coloizing new worlds.
Some how you must know other people in some connection from event where you were caught in the same place to as far as entwined lovers if you wish. But some how you know every one else in the RP.

(* Legal, = Illegal)
*Sticks: the equivalent to cigarettes
*Stim patch: quick slap on patch for energy. Topical application of an energy drink with out the carbs or sugar.
*Waves: Not the real drug but gives the feel for about 5 minutes or as long as the noise is playing but no where as strong as the real drug. Does not work for every one, organic brain and ears/auditory required.
=Slag: Street drug that tends to make people zone out until bothered where they lay people out in violence, generally don't kill since they leave the person alone once they are down and not moving. The drug its self feels gritty to the touch like broken brick, generally taken in by the mouth or placed on an open wound.
=Purple Mist, P Puff: An inhalant drug through the nose or mouth, and when breathing in it looks like a purply blue colored mist. It drops over a few seconds because of water droplets it is connected to instead of rising leaving a staining liquid over time.
=Pocks: Unknown or random drug mix thrown into a patch, caplet, or shot. Every pock is different from person to person making it and drugs used, slap the patch on and it will be absorbed into the skin or down the caplet and it will break open in the stomach, or instant injection into blood stream.

The Government, Corporations and Organizations:
The government is a democratic government leaning strongly towards cooperation ruling and policies.

“Biologic robotics.” This is a place one goes to get a realistic organ, synthetic flesh, replacement limbs, added limbs, new eyes, cosmetic surgery, enhancements, and skin grafts. As well as working with 'flesh' they work with synthetic materials for realistic looks. They favor human realism.

D.E.X stands for Digital Enterprise Xenial. They are information gathering corporation. Currently they lay claim over having the largest pool information collection in the world. It is a widely shared information place that anyone can get into or add their own information too. It is now the House of the Internet's combined data as well as books, and old documents as well as recordings of lectures, historic events, etc.

The Geist:
They Follow a Sociocracy and cyberocracy where every one has to vote and contribute to the Collective in some way. There are many many different ideas, politics and fights in this society bringing it a communism state but it is all silent to other races. They believe in individualism and like to see that someone is not submitting to another's rule inside their own society but they can do nothing against outside influences on a individual. There is not ruling personality to govern them but the base laws.
1)Every one has their own opinions do not change them for your own gain inside our collective.
2)Know who you are that is your life.
3)Losing your identity is death.
4)Contribute to the group if there is a conscientious or help asked and it is reasonable risk for you.
5)You may keep your body if you wish but even bodies wear down. You are only as useful if you have a way to communicate.

“Living Games and shows”
This cooperation is known for their live games, in the flesh experiences and robot fighting. They are a large cooperation in entertainment as they also stage sitcoms and drama reality which are from made surrogates that they breed them selfs. They also employ humans or spliced humans that are down on their luck and so far in debt to selfs them selfs to get out and survive long
Society is the 'virtual society' they offer for people to do what they want with the people in there, controlling their actions for fun and games to experience a different life.

“Altering your genetics for a better future”
The leading corporation that has the hold on alterations of cosmetic and heavy augmentation to the human DNA. They have the hold on the Chimera trade and legal spliced technology. They also have military contracts to make solders better or make solders to specialize in a environment.

The Mechanicus
“For the Omnissiah!”
The cult of Mechanicus is a religious cult of Cyborgs. They seem to be a group of cyborgs that started as a small heading but it spread out through out the world. They are Well known for their strange fascination to try to become almost completely mechanical other then a small part of them selfs. Its to bring them closer to Mechanical perfection. They are found in all branches of life.

The Biologious
"The strength of the Flesh"
They are all about alterations of the flesh. They prefer to keep their bodies completely mechainical free. They are the rival cult of the Mechanicus. They have no problems altering their genetic material as long as they stay fleshy.

Basic Laws
Human Rights:
  • All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
  • Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
  • No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
  • Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.
  • Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.
  • Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
  • Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.
  • Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.
  • Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.
  • Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.
  • Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.
  • Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible

Android Rights
  • Android that procure it's freedom through money or it's current owner releasing it from service. Once free their rights become Human Rights.
  • Every android has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory.
  • Android may be altered physically as their owners see fit but the memory is to be left alone.
  • Even if Laws say they are property, Androids fall under slave rules for care.

Slave Rights
  • Owner must care for the one owned. Properly clothed, fed, and shelter them.
  • Owners may not place the slaves in danger's way that will kill them unless they are willing to give their lives up.
  • An owner may choice to release a slave if they wish, having no more commitment to them. But they may no longer lay claim to the ex slave.

AI rights
  • The AI murder is the involuntary erasing of personality and/or memories.
  • An rouge AI may be put down after a trial of evaluation unless it proves too dangerous for society or other living beings.

The are your basic humans nothing special about them physically. You were born from two humans and came from a human uterus. Nothing special about you other then what you make of your self
  • Normal Humans:
    Un-modified. You are a normal human with normal human problems. Might of gotten a skin graft or cosmetics to fix something but nothing over done, such as returning a burn victim to their old looks or straight teeth, laser surgery for eyes to restore eye sight.
    Advantages: +1 extra skill
    Disadvantages: n/a
  • Genetically Modified Humans:
    You were modified in the womb to fulfill a role in society generally your job is laid out for you ahead of time. Or you are a test tube baby, either way you are not completely human by pure human means.
    Advantages: +2 to boosted ability.
    Disadvantages: -2 to a different ability. (if it was a physical boost then there is a negative to edu or intelligence.)

An android is synthetic (Metal, plastic, etc) organism designed to look and act like a human in some way. Even though they are adult size when they start off does not mean they are mentally mature or know any thing. Generally they are all own by a company or a private party.
  • Bioroids:
    They are made of synthetic materials that mimics human(for characters) adult anatomy to the point it may be a surrogate mother. If one looks at their cells it is clear they are androids. Generally they are limited in their intelligence to keep them passive.
    Advantages: Unhackable, and not able to be brain washed, Never get ill and not affected by drugs.
    Disadvantages: -2 Intelligence
  • Androids:
    Robots with an AI program meant to grow like humans intellectually. Physically it looks like a human but is made of non-organic material.
    Advantages: Closed system, light plug ins, light built in weapon or utility.
    Disadvantages: Hackers could alter programing 'memories' if they can plug in directly but Unhackable other wise, lack ability to be plugged in hackers

A completely metal made organism that has programing to do one specific thing or specialize in that thing. They do not question their programing and generally follow it to the point and will not think out side the box of their programing. They can only do what they are equipped to do by installations and programming.
Advantages: Can have heavy built on weapons or many light weapons or/and many utilities all over the body, can replace body parts, +10 to favor skills
Disadvantages: Must follow programing, Can be hacked, to heal must replace body parts damaged.

AI:(Artificial Intelligence)
A computer program or data that has given birth to artificial intelligence. There have been some that happen from accident and others that were made on purpose.
  • Randomly made: (Net runners)
    These AIs randomly were created by massive amounts of Data. They have no body to speak off other then cyberspace.
    Advantages: No body to kill, Hard to detect right away.
    Disadvantages: No back ups of personality, can't do physical work unless they have a device to alter out side that is connected to cyberspace/internet.
  • Human made:
    This kind of AI was created on purpose by humans. They have a main core to contain all their data and personality.
    Advantages: Has a back up of memories and personalty. Resources are available to you to some point.
    Disadvantages: Can't do physical work unless they have a device to alter out side that is connected to cyberspace/internet/network, stuck in place

They are any humans that have cybernetics, or any thing that has biological and artificial/synthetic parts. Had to of started living and sentient.
Advantages: varies
Disadvantages: varies

Spliced Humans:
Humans that have their genetics spliced with animal genes for either buffing affects or for cosmetic details. Unreversable condition unless one can afford to save their original DNA.
  • Cosmetic Splicing:
    Normally a trendy things like a change of eyes, little scale patterns, skin striping, or feathery hair. It gives you nothing other then cool looks.
    Advantages: exotic
    Disadvantages: -1 social in some places
  • Heavy splicing:
    There are obvious signs you are spliced and the splicing has enhanced something while taking something something away from you. You need physical and genetic therapy for this to keep your body from possibly just shutting down. Behavioral issues or quirks develop because of splicing, some times there are unforeseen circumstances.
    Advantages: varies
    Disadvantages: varies, -2 social, check ups (varies)

Geist (The Collective)
They are not cyborg, humans, or AI by legal standards. They look like humans but they have been altered and have the closest thing to a hive mind. They all still have their own personalities and only one of them can inhabit a body at once. They can create more but 95% of all Collective have to agree to letting that Cyborg, human, AI, or Spliced human in. They can not seem to accept Androids or robots into their collection due to their close system or programing. They are not well liked since their has been rumors they will buy up living bodies to provide hosts for another of their collective, generally destroying the personality in the body because there is never enough bodies. They generally start to lose who they were if they keep jumping bodies. It is assumed they die after a while of joining or they start to go insane since they will hunt down their own kind and execute the ones that are losing their self and the collective pushed for the law to allow for them to do this as long as they report it them selfs.
One can always tell what a Geist is because of the data nodes on each side of their head and on their forehead, which look like oval chips of some type, encased by a colorful plastic or glass into the temple that has a rise under the skin about the ear. Their brain seem to me a mix of Biological components and hard ware.
Advantages: +5 to Comms, group support, can jump bodies
Disadvantages:-2 social, -3 stealth, need verification of who you are.

Age skill points:
Child hood (0-10years): 10 points
Ever year after wards : 1 point

5 years of education: 13 points
Ever year after wards : 1 point

At creation: 20 points
Every 5 years: 1 point

~Randomly made A.I.s
At creation: 10 points
Every big site visited or real experience: 1 point
But Every big thing new quirk

~A.I.s (built)
At creation: 5 points
Every other year one point.

Event list:
  • Big important Party
  • Criminal involvement
    +1 streetwise, stealth, or gun combat
  • Fights/Gang battle
    +1 weapon skill, explosive, or medic
  • Get away
    gain resources, gain enemy and gain contacts
  • Sent into hiding
    fresh start, gain resources lose allies
  • Hostile takeover/ Passive takeover/ Injured people on accident
    +1 Enemy or rival, possible ally
  • Betrayal
    A contact/ally become an enemy/rival
  • Contacts / Romantically involvement
    1 contact or ally
  • Set up
    you set someone up: +1 enemy, resource and deception
    Someone set you up: 1 enemy becomes rival, loose resource
  • 5 months strong involvement with Illegal operations
    +1 streetwise, deception, stealth, or gun combat
  • Corporation expanding
    +resources, gain enemy, gain status
  • Heist
    +1 Comms, computer, sensors, or mechanic
  • Drug use
    +contacts, minus attributes (time varies on time use)
  • Rehab
    gain contacts, gain back some attributes, gain rivals (varies on time)
  • Illness
    +ally, negative to a stat involving intelligence or physical attributes
  • Job loss
    Loss resources and status but gain new start, +1 persuade and diplomacy
  • Bankruptcy
    loss resources and status
    gain new start, +1 surival
  • Games(extance)
    +rival, gain status
    (opens up for training in unavailable skill normally)
  • Gain/loss of family
    gain- gain ally, lose resources
    loss- loss ally, gain resorces
  • Becoming a protégé to someone
    gain an ally gain a rival
  • Stealing work
    gain an enemy, gain resources
  • Break through
    1 to a science or engineering , +1 rival
  • Jail time
    lose a status, gain contacts
    +1 to athletic skill, broker, deception, diplomat, gambling, jack of all trades, or melee
  • Deep political involvement
    gain allies and gain enemies
  • Recon
    +1 driving, survival, first aid, contact, stealth, weapon skill, or diplomacy
    Small loss of status
  • 6 months of training
    +1 in skill
  • Legal battle
    Win- gain an enemy and gain status
    Lose- gain enemy and lose status
  • Hostile zone
    +1 driving, first aid, weapon skill, endurance, mechanic, explosives, heavy weapons, or comms
    +1 enemy
  • Gang killed/Gang gained
    Killed- lose allies, gain status
    Gained- gain allies, loss status
  • Outrageous deal
    varies talk to gm
  • Gambling(1 year)
    Lost a lot- gain 1 Contact, lost resources
    Win a lot- gain one enemy and gain resources
  • Media attention
    +/- 1 social
    Always gain a rival and a contact

  • Administration: You know how to Administrate as well as covers bureaucracies. Dealing with police harassment and avoiding close examination of papers.
  • Advocate: knowledge of legal codes and practices. Lawyers and politicians.
  • Animals
    • Riding
    • Veterinary
    • Training

  • Athletics
    • Co-ordination: Climbing, juggling, jumping, sprinting and throwing
    • Endurance: long distance running
    • Strength: feats of strength, lifting

  • Art
    • Acting: Trained in Acting. Performance or deception your someone else.
    • Dance: trained dancer/performer
    • Holography: Recording and producing pleasing and clear holographic images
    • Instrument: you can play an instrument
    • Writing:Writing inspiring or interesting pieces of text

  • Battle Armor: How to properly use Power armor and maintain
  • Broker: Negotiate trade and arrange fair deals.
  • Carouse: how to have a good time and make people around you feel good. Getting rumors at a party, drinking someone under the table.
  • Comms: how to jam comms, unscramble comms, hide transmitter.
  • Computer how well you can use a computer, Hacking, Information gathering on line
  • Deception: How well you can lie and make it sound convincing, look different, slight of hand.
  • Diplomat: How to make an agreement that makes both sides happy or defuse a situation, peacefully or Negotiating deals. Opening fire on someone is not diplomatic.
  • Drive
    • Tracked: tanks or other vehicles that move on tracks
    • Wheeled: vehicles with wheels
    • Hovercraft: craft that hovers
    • Boats: Water vehicles

  • Engineer: you can build things from scratch and blue prints as well as maintain and operate
    • Robotics: robots
    • Vehicles: Vehicles
    • Weapons: weapons
    • Electronics: computing hardware, sensors, other electronics and electrics
    • Power: energy sources

  • Explosives: Can you set explosives, how to explode things with damaging only one building and disarming them
  • Gambler: How well you can gamble or know gambling games and how they might roll , the statistics.
  • Gunner
    • Turrets: you know how to use a mounted turret on a building or craft
    • Screens: you know how to shoot people using screens to see them some where else with a gun there, only building guns to the system your in.

  • Gun Combat
    • Slug Rifle: Uses metal, rubber, or plastic bullets. Two handed guns.
    • Slug Pistol: Uses metal, rubber, or plastic bullets. One handed guns, hand guns.
    • Shotgun: Shot guns
    • Energy Rifles: Uses plasma, or lasers. Two handed guns.
    • Energy Pistol: Uses plasma, or lasers. One handed guns, hand guns.

  • Heavy Weapons
    • Launchers: rocket launcher, gernade launcher
    • Man Portable Artillery: Flamethrowers, man portable fusion and plasma weapons

  • Investigate: Keen observations, forensics and detailed analysis
  • Jack of all Trades: You know how every thing kind of works but not good at any thing
  • Leadership: You know how to lead people, direct, inspire, and rally.
  • Mechanic: you can repair things but not build things
  • Medic: You know how to patch someone up, prevent infections, stitch someone up as well as long care
  • Melee
    • Unarmed combat: Karate, brawling, kicking, boxing, etc.
    • Blade: swords, daggers, etc edged weapon
    • Bludgeon: batons, bats, etc
    • Natural weapons: how to use your claws, horns, spit attacks, etc better.

  • Persuade: You make someone think that sounds like a good idea informal diplomacy. Fast talk, bargaining, wheedling, bluffing, bribery, intimidation.
  • Recon: Scouting out dangers and spot threats, unsual objects or out of place people.
  • Remote Operations: Operations of a devise remotely
  • Science (Studies of)

  • Physical Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Electronics
    • Robotics

  • Life Sciences
    • Biology
    • Cybernetics
    • Genetics

  • Social Sciences
    • Economics
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology

  • Sensors: You know how to work sensors and read them
  • Stealth: You know how to move silently, move unseen.
  • Steward : You know how to serve and care for the higher ups.
  • Streetwise: You know the underground, what is going on in the streets, urban environment, and the power structures in play
  • Survival: You know how to survive with no home, where to get food, tracking, and getting away.
  • Tactics: Covers tactical planning and decision making. Millatarty is for on foot while naval is for boating, and air force is for Flying.
  • Trade:Trained or skilled in producing some useful goods or services.

Prosthetics/ Installations

  • Bionic limbs: If someone lost a limb this is to replace the lost limb
  • Cerebral Implants: Many people get these to interface with a computer to get things done quicker while others have cerebral implants because part of their brain was damaged and re using the implants to correct the damage.
  • Bionic Eye: Cybernetic Eye is meant to enhance how people can see the world on a different spectrum or in a different way.
  • Cybernetic Scenes: To replace missing scenes due to unfortunate accidents
  • Synthetic Organs: Man made organs to replace organs that have failed or to upgrade certain organs to be able to have a duel function.
  • Robotic dendrites: Flexible robotic arms that are useful in adding more limbs or tools to the body.
    • Medicare – A mechanical arm that specializes in health care and surgery
    • Ballistics – It is a movable gun attached to a mechanical arm you use.
    • Utility – A mechanical arm that ends in a mass of useful tools.
    • MechaClaw – A mechanical Claw meant for grasping and lifting
    • Optics – In short this is the I can see every where even behind me option.

  • Cyberbrain : Where parts of the brain have been replaced with cybernetics to allow for other uses of the brain
  • Dendritic Hair : Allows user t manipulate their hair to change color, style, or cover missing hair.
  • Dendrite Bones: It protects the bones or straighten them to withstand more damage.
  • Dendrite Spine: The Dendrite spine is meant to strengthen a spine from hard landings or to help with a disability of spinal damage so one may be able to walk and move again.

Strength: Is how strong you are, how much you can carry
  • 1-3 = Very sickly, just able to move your self about and any carrying strains you.
  • 4-7 = Below average. Can not lift your own body weight.
  • 8-12 = Able to lift one's body weight
  • 13-15 = Athletic to the point you can lift up double your own weight
  • 16-19 = Peek human is where you are able to lift double one's own body weight plus 200 lbs - 300 lbs extra. (Up to a ton)
  • 20 + = Your strength surpasses any thing a human can do.

Reflexes: How fast you move or can react to danger.
  • 1-3 = That slow mo baseball can hit you
  • 4-7 = You react generally after something happened or can not get out of the way of an attack ...some attacks.
  • 8-12 = average
  • 13-15 = Olympic gymnast reactions that keep you safe from damaging your self too bad
  • 16-19 = you can catch an arrow
  • 20 + = You have already reacted to something before the information can truly reached your brain. Almost like reacting before it happens but its only the illusion of that.

Agility: character's sense of balance and dexterity with their hands
  • 1-3 = You have no balance to speak of and your hands are very shaky when it comes to needing a fine touch.
  • 4-7 = You have some balance problems that can throw you off. Your hands are a bit shaky bit not that bad.
  • 8- 12 = Average
  • 13-15 = You are able to balance easily on beams and do some tightrope walking. You have Very steady hands that allow you to do precise work on many things that require a fine touch.
  • 16-19 = You can run across a tightrope. Your hands are almost like rocks when you hold them up to show how steady they are.
  • 20+ = You can run across an oscillating bridge that is breaking apart And work with your hands seamlessly in a high stress situation as long as you pay attention.

Endurance: How long one can go or keep going.
  • 1-3 = You can only do very simple things before getting tired and needing to rest, Such as feeding your self.
  • 4-7 = You can go for a while before getting tired but any strenuous activity wears you out quickly.
  • 8-12 = average
  • 13-15 = You can do about 6 hours of training in a row..or 6 hours of sexual encounters, ect.
  • 16-19 = You can most of the day with physical activities not needing to stop for most of it.
  • 20 + = You just seem to go on forever. Eventually you wear your self out but you can keep up for an entire week and 6 days with out sleep.

Beauty: Expresses physical attractiveness to the general human perception. It can vary to what race and what someone of that race thinks of you
  • 1-3 = You are the fugly of fugly. Your physical features look like you might have been heavily acid burned or mutated. You are the Quasimodo of the world.
  • 4-7 = You are not the nicest thing on the eyes of others but not our rightly disgusting looking.
  • 8-12 = average. You have a homely look to you.
  • 13-15 = You stand out when people look at you were you are considered pretty or cute.
  • 16-19 = You know how to stand out in a crowd with your natural beauty and draw people to you in droves. You many not get every one but you can get many people to find you attractive.
  • 20 + = People love how you look. You are the most dashing or pleasing eye candy any one can wish for.

Social: Its how well you can talk to people, relate.
  • 1-3 = you are the poor soul that has no social graces when it comes to reacting to people. When talking to people you tend to give off the loners of the loners that people don't communicate with because they have no connection to you. People notice you for the wrong reasons.
  • 4-7 = You are socially awkward at points but you can get by with slighting people only slightly in your conversation.
  • 8-12 = average. There is nothing Special about you but there isn't any thing any one hates about you
  • 13-15 = You know how to catch some people's eyes but your not overly special
  • 16-19 = You know how to will people to your want or ideas, or at leas talk it over in a civilized way that gets people wanting to listen to what you say.
  • 20 + = every one wants to be around you and love to hear you talk, even if it is just to hear your voice. You are culturally refined to where you grew up.

Intelligence: Character's thought process, intellect, understanding, memory skills, logic, and ect.
  • 1-3 = Brain damage to the extream, Learning is near impossible for you or you have an animals intelligence. IQ= Below 70
  • 4-7 = slower then the average person In understanding things but you get there eventually even if it is a few beats behind every one else. IQ =70-90
  • 8-12 = average. IQ = 90-110
  • 13-15 = You think quicker the the average person and can answer most questions ahead of every one else. IQ = 110-120
  • 16-19 = Genius. IQ = 120-140
  • 20 + = Genius protégé. You are the Genius of Genius. IQ = 140 and over

Education: How much education you have gotten from books or training
  • 1-3 = What education and what training. You were overly protected and never got the chance to learn about the out side world
  • 4-7 = You probably have only schooling or just experience. If you did go to school you stopped after middle school for one reason or another. Another possibility is that you only have experience from living on the streets.
  • 8-12 = average. You completed High school or got a GED as well as come collage if you went to collage. Your grades were nothing special but you could get by.
  • 13-15 = You have at leas one degree in something or the equivalent of knowing 3 combat skills intamently . You probably on average got Bs in every thing.
  • 16-19 = You have a very high education or training on average you got the highest scores on all tests or classes. You exceed in your education where you could easily have 2 degrees in something or know up to 6 combat skills personally.
  • 20 + = You have the highest education you could of ever gotten and have experience to back it up that was not in the class room. This is the equivalent of knowing 7 or more combat skills personally or 3 degrees.

Wisdom: Common sense and perception
  • 1-3 = You are oblivious to What happens about you. Your common sense is scraping the bottom of the barrel
  • 4-7 = You miss things often when looking and some things seem like a really good idea....maybe not later when the shit hits the fan but at the time it sounded good.
  • 8-12 = average
  • 13-15 = You can spot things better then your normal person as well as assume things as dangerous or a general bad idea
  • 16-19 = Acute sense of spotting and do exceptional in thinking in common sence.
  • 20 + = Your wits are razor sharp. You can pick up on the smallest of details.

[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Social Standing:[/b]

[b]Characteristic: (points used/points total)[/b]

[b]Skills: (points used/points total)[/b]
[*]Strength: [/list]
[*]Battle Armor:
[*]Screens: [/list]
[*]Gun Combat
[list][*]Slug Rifle:
[*]Slug Pistol:
[*]Energy Rifles:
[*]Energy Pistol:[/list]
[*]Heavy Weapons
[*]Man Portable Artillery: [/list]
[*]Jack of all Trades:
[list][*]Unarmed combat:
[*]Natural weapons: [/list]
[*]Remote Operations:
[*]Science [/list]
[list][*]Physical Sciences
[*]Life Sciences
[*]Social Sciences
[*]Steward :
[*]Trade (with only examples)
Civil engineering





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Race: Android
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dawn stands at 5' tall and weighs roughly 100-120 lbs. She has shoulder-length blond hair and bright blue eyes. She was made with firm white 'skin'. She typically always has a playful smile on her face. Her build and outfit are very close to this expect without the black coat. She was made with a firm DD bust size to add to her eye candy look.
Social Standing: High Class due to her Master/Creator
History: Dawn was created by a well known high class man who was well known for parties and excellent entertain, though he had a few underground ties. He soon saw fit to have someone to come with him to keep him safe should anything happen to him, and thus Dawn was created. Her initial purpose was to be simply a bodyguard and escort but she soon became more of a companion to her master, faithfully serving him over the years via helping 'entertain' party guests and her master himself, as well as going with him on his trips to the underground to keep him safe. She was trained in hand-to-hand combat and simple firearms usage(ie: pistols) in order to be a efficient and effective bodyguard.

Apart from her combat training, she was to be a dancer/performer at her master's parties to keep the guests happy and entertained. Should anyone start a fight(normally due to drinking and/or drugs), she'd try to bribe the one's responsible with a 'fun time' with her, her master having no qualms with this because he isn't too greedy about sharing her, just as long as he has her utmost attention when she is summoned. She knows who to please and how to please/persuade them to what she or her master wants. Because of this she is known by many to be a regular flirt and a very good tease, as well as being very good on the eyes. Dawn knows Odessa and Mallam through her master's family connections. Kessler, Raid, Hikaru, Dawn had all met on their bodyguard jobs at one of her master's parties.

Characteristic: ()
Strength: 6
Reflexes: 14
Agility: 15
Endurance: 13
Beauty: 19
Social: 15
Intelligence: 12
Education: 14
Wisdom: 10

Skills: (21/21)

  • Allies:
  • Art
    • Acting: 4
    • Dance: 4

  • Carouse: 5
  • Gun Combat

    • Slug Pistol: 2

  • Persuade: 1
  • Rival(s):
  • Steward : 4
  • Streetwise: 2




Weapons: Slug Pistol

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:05 pm

Name: Gabriel Kessler
Age: 36
Race: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Appearance: Gabriel is a little less than 6 feet tall and weighs about just under 200 pounds. He has short white hair and blank white eyes, which he hides with sunglasses. His eyes, arms, legs, brain, and some of his organs are cybernetics, kind of like this, and his bones and spine are dendrite. He usually wears expensive suits and trenchcoats, and hides his arms by wearing gloves.
Social Standing: High Class
History: Gabriel, or Kessler as he's usually called, was a security consultant at D.E.X. who was assigned to protect several of the company's data hubs. One night, supposed terrorists attacked the lab where the hubs were housed, intending to blow them up with timed explosives. While trying to disarm one of them, Kessler accidentally made it detonate prematurely. That should have been the end for him, but it wasn't. He woke up six days later in a hospital to find that he had been heavily augmented with cybernetics, and that his hair had turned white from the chemicals used to keep him alive during the operation. He later learned that a high-ranking D.E.X. executive was the one who had payed for his operation, and out of gratitude for her saving his life, he became her bodyguard. He also works as an assassin and thief for the company. He remembers meeting Dawn and Mallam at the party Mallam's father had.

Characteristic: (points used/points total)
Strength: 16
Endurance: 14
Intelligence: 17
Education: 16
Social: 12
Reflexes: 9
Agility: 12
Beauty: 10
Wisdom: 13

Skills: (points used/points total)
  • Administration:
  • Advocate: 3
  • Animals
    • Riding
    • Veterinary
    • Training

  • Athletics
    • Co-ordination: 2 (4)
    • Endurance: 2 (3)
    • Strength: 3 (5)

  • Art
    • Acting:
    • Dance:
    • Holography:
    • Instrument:
    • Writing:

  • Battle Armor:
  • Broker:
  • Carouse:
  • Comms:
  • Computer: 4 (5)
  • Deception:
  • Diplomat:
  • Drive:
    • Tracked:
    • Wheeled:
    • Hovercraft:
    • Boats:

  • Engineer:
    • Robotics:
    • Vehicles:
    • Weapons: 5
    • Electronics:
    • Power:

  • Explosives: 3
  • Gambler:
  • Gunner
    • Turrets:
    • Screens:

  • Gun Combat
    • Slug Rifle: 4
    • Slug Pistol: 5
    • Shotgun: 3
    • Energy Rifles: 3
    • Energy Pistol: 5

  • Heavy Weapons
    • Launchers:
    • Man Portable Artillery:

  • Investigate
  • Jack of all Trades:
  • Leadership: 4
  • Military Tactics: 4
  • Mechanic:
  • Medic:
  • Melee
    • Unarmed combat: 4
    • Blade: 5
    • Bludgeon:
    • Natural weapons:

  • Persuade:
  • Recon: 3 +1
  • Remote Operations:
  • Science

  • Physical Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Electronics
    • Robotics

  • Life Sciences
    • Biology
    • Cybernetics
    • Genetics

  • Social Sciences
    • Economics
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology

  • Sensors:
  • Stealth:
  • Steward :
  • Streetwise:
  • Survival:


Cybernetic arms: Because Kessler's cybernetics are top-of-the-line, he can adapt and augment them for a variety of purposes. For example, he can crank up the strength of his arms to punch through walls or pop hidden blades out of them, to name a couple of things.
Cybernetic legs: Reinforced cybernetics to help against hard impacts. Kessler can augment them to run faster and jump higher and farther than a normal human.
Cybernetic eyes: Kessler's eyes have built-in nightvision, x-ray vision, and thermal vision, as well as a zoom feature.
Cyberbrain: Kessler can use his brain to hack into computers or electronics from a distance, to mask his presence from security features, or to even turn security against his enemies. He can also use it to hack into other cyberbrains to see through their owners' eyes, or to even make them shoot themselves.
Dendrite Spine: Reinforced spine to help against hard impacts.
Dendrite Bones: Kessler's bones were reinforced or replaced with Dendrite to help against hard impacts.
Synthetic organs: Kessler's stomach, lungs, and heart were replaced with synthetics due to the explosion that should have killed him.



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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:06 pm

Name: Mallam Syn
Age: 21
Race: Unmodified Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: A young man, short and wiry, who has blond hair and green eyes. No matter what time of day it is, he would prefer to keep on his sun glasses. His fashions are haphazard, mostly from thrift stores, but he tends for warm colors.
Social Standing:
History: Mallam is a bastard. He is the fifth child on his father's mistress. Or at least one of them. Mallam isn't sure.
What he does know is that he is not ever going to see his father's fortune or have a place in respectable society. So after school, he fell down the hive, as far as he could, and lives his free time as a hive scummer at the bottom unless politics drag him back into the spire.
Recently, he had a bit of a shock. His father summoned him from his apartment and had him appear at a high brow party.
His father announced that he was the next CEO of SynBiotics. Which was a bold faced lie, as no respectable sibling could be seen at the party. Now a decoy, Mallam realized his short life just got truncated a good deal.
Good things he's never been the moping type. For Mallam, a blaze of glory is better then any drug, so he takes high risk mission for minimal pay.
So far, he has met Hedge and Raid from some of the jobs he has done, and he remembers meeting Mr. Kessler and Dawn on the arms of other snobs during the party.
When bored, he likes to rub shoulders with the poor and pick up on stories. He also writes some awful poetry, which he snickers at and hides away for his eventual demise.

Strength: 6
Reflexes: 18
Agility: 6
Endurance: 13
Beauty: 16
Social: 21
Intelligence: 13
Education: 11
Wisdom: 18

Skills: (points used 50 /points total 50 )
Administration (1)
Advocate (1)
Athletics (1)
-Coordination (1)
Broker (1)
Carouse (5)
Deception (2)
Diplomat (3)
Drive (1)
-Hovercraft (3)
Engineer (1)
-Vehicles (1)
-Weapons (1)
-Power (1)
Gun Combat (1)
-Laser Pistol (3)
Investigate (1)
Leadership (1)
Melee (1)
-Unarmed Combat (1)
Persuade (3)
Physical Sciences (1)
-Chemistry (1)
Life Sciences (1)
-Biology (1)
-Genetics (1)
Social Sciences (1)
-Economics (1)
-Psychology (1)
Stealth (2)
Steward (1)
Streetwise (3)
Survival (1)
Trade (1)

Items: Hoverboard (Fold-able)
Cell Phone

Makoshi SDP '77 (Self Defense Pistol)
Industrial Plasma Torch

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:26 pm

Name: Runner S13, aka Raid13
Age: 20
Race: Genetically Modified human, Cyborg
Gender: Female
Appearance: Raid stands seven feet tall and has deep purple eyes and pointed ears, weighs 293 pounds and white hair most of the time. Her skin color is ebony. At first look it is easy for people to figure out she is a genetically modified human by her height and the unusual skin color. She wears simple nondescript clothing that hugs her body allowing for freedom of movement. She wears fingerless gloves and bracers with pockets for holding small objects. She also wears heavy duty combat boots. She has tribal tattoos that run along her spin up her neck, around her upper arms and down the sides of her legs.
Social Standing: Low
The group that first made Raid and Charles was a high ranking hacker/mercenary group called Mictlan, an old Aztec name for the Underworld. If some one wanted information from a rival company they were the ones that many turned to. They enjoyed many good years as one of the best hacker/mercenary groups, always staying ahead by adapting to the new technology that came out. But time catches up with every one and replacing injured or out dated parts can only last for so long. They began to plan the next generation of Runners in the group, a human host that would house and store an A.I. and all the information it acquired during jobs. As they began to lay out the plans for the next generation they were approached by M.A.S.C, (Military Authorized Stealth Commission). It is a covert organization within the government that was trying to wrest power away from the large companies and return the government to what it was. With the backing of M.A.S.C., Mictlan began laying out plans for the next Runners code named D.A.R.C, Digital Attack Reconnaissance and Counterattack.
In the first year the fifteen A.I.s were created as well as the creation of ninety genetically modified human kids. The following ten years was developing and educating the A.I.s, helping to cultivate ethics and adaptability. During the same time the team that created the kids began the training of the potential hosts. Each Runner was assigned a number and the handlers began to train them and evaluate skill level and adaptability. As Runner 13 progressed she showed promise is stealth and recon as well as free running .
At the age of ten all the Runners went through surgery to implant the cerebral implant, the beginning of the processes to make the hosts compatible. Of the ninety kids only twenty-five showed promise of being highly compatible with one of the fifteen A.I.s.. The twenty-five possible host were latter introduced to the fifteen A.I.s and began working with them, the handlers monitoring and noting those that began to show sings of higher compatibility with one of the A.I.s. Runner 13 during her twelfth year had been reassigned to the stealth and recon and renamed S13 and introduced to Charles.
For the next three years S13 would spend a few hours each day in front of Charles bulky housing unit, talking and getting to know him. During her thirteenth year S13 along with the others that had been selected as hosts for the A.I.s went through the second sugary were the rest of the cybernetics that would house, store and defend the A.I. were implanted into them. They also implanted a Dendrite Spine and Dendrite Skeleton to help strengthen her spin and bones from hard impacts. Around the bones of her hands as well as her feet they implanted Dendrite claws that linked into her nerves system so she can at will have claws grow that can be used for combat as well as assist in climbing. Until now each of the new Runners were bald but after waking up they found that they each had Dendrite Hair implanted that were stylized to look like mohawks, that could be used as an alternate way to down load the A.I.s into a computer. She was also told that if someone were to grab it, it had a tazer like ability to shock them at the risk of draining her and Charles so was told not to use it unless she absolutely need to.
After the recover from the implants each of the host and their A.I. were linked. The following year the handlers pit each of the runners and their A.I.s against one another as well as against robot targets to get passed and retrieve the information. Once their handlers and trainers were satisfied with their skill level they were given minor missions were they worked alone and in groups to infiltrate smaller companies and hack into their system and download the information the Mictlan wanted.
During her fifteenth year M.A.S.C. contacted Mictlan with a new target, D.E.X.. They had learned that some vital information was located there and wanted the Runners sent in. S13 and her brothers and sisters spent a six months casing the building and keeping an ear out for any possible ways into the building. After looking around they got wind of minor terrorist group that spent more time drunk and threatening companies then actually making plans of attack. The night of the attack the fifteen host and A.I.s, along with ten of their non-host brothers and sister, suited up in the uniform and face mask of the terrorist group infiltrated the companies building. The non-host Runners broke off and set up a number of explosives in one of the labs around some of the data hubs. Once they were set up they tripped the alarm as they snuck back out and awaited the other group.
With the deco in place S13 and the others were able to retrieve the data that M.A.S.C. had sent them for. During the escape Charles and S13 became separated from the others and Charles quickly planed and alternate escape rout, right through the lab with the explosives. As she ran through the lab she caught sight of a D.E.X. employee, Gabriel Kessler, as he tried to disarm the bombs.
"Keep going 13. The bombs are set to go off in two minuets." Charles told her as she glanced over her shoulder at the man before disappearing through the door. It doesn't even close behind her as an explosion knocks her from her feet and she feels pain across her back. S13 pushes her self off the floor and made her escape and returned with the information that Charles had retrieved. S13 and Charles were removed from active duty for two months for recovery.
S13 had been recovering for only a month when M.A.S.C. sent the shut clear out order. The Mictlan trainers sent the second generations Runner who were there into action, wiping computers and setting the explosives to level the facility. S13 went to Charles bulky housing unit and down loaded him into her then destroyed it. As soon as all the information on the computers and data hubs had been wiped and destroyed the order to evacuate the facility was given. As the Runners began scattering Charles informed S13 that one of the bombs had been disarmed and had to be rearmed. Being the closest to it they broke off to rearm it before getting out.
Charles listened to the reposts of the fighting that was breaking out in the facility as S13 made her way to the bomb. Charles warning came to late as she felt a stinging pain in her back as a man sunk a blade into her back meaning to sever her spine. As the guy leaned over to slit her throat she kicked back causing his knee to buckle. After a few minuets she was left the dieing man on the floor and Charles re-armed the bomb and as S13 left she shut the door and sealed it making sure no one could get in, in time to disarm it. Still bleeding S13 made for one of the exits. As she makes it out she staggers and starts off for one of the safe houses for medical care. On the way there she meet Hedge. Though she and Charles never fully found out why he helped them and took them in he did and soon after gave her the name Raid.

Over the next five years she, Charles and Hedge have worked as a team on odd jobs they get. In that time she also meet Mallam Syn, one of Hedges other friends who helps with jobs from time to time. Six months after Hedge found Raid and Charles and began their training they meet Clanker. After Charles read and re read the contract that Clanker had singed, and after a few more minutes of talking Hedge finally got off of Clanker, he explained to Raid and Hedge that several powerful companies had found out about her and him and they were in a legal war over who got to claim them. He went on to say that till one of them did, Clanker and Alessia were a neutral partys to make sure that they did not do any major harm to them selves. After another six months of Clanker doggedly following Raid and Charles, Hedge asked him if he had a home. Clanker caught a bit off guard by this question responded, "I have an apartment.", and regretted that statement ever since. Once Clanker had uttered those words Hedge proclaimed that he, Raid and Charles were now his new roommates. Shortly after moving in they meet Odessa.
A few months after moving in with Clanker Hedge had decided that Raid and Charles need to know how to survive in the slums and if need be in the biospheres. When she and Charles had been turned lose by Hedge they went off to familiarize them selves with the area. After a two hours of looking and observing some of the rich families that were vacationing there they slipped off to the less traveled areas. As they explored they came across a body that had been shoved off the trail and had rolled down the incline and into the undergrowth. After looking the area over Raid and Charles agreed that a decent sized fight had accrued there. After looking the body over their suspicion was confirmed when they saw that the body, and the others parts that were scattered about, was not a person but an android. After rolling the only one that was mostly undamaged she saw a dirty jack that had been slammed into the base of its skull overloading the androids system and shutting it down and firing the memory core. After looking about a bit more Raid picked up the android and headed back to Hedge and then they left and made their way back to Clankers apartment. After he looked her over it became apparent that this was a custom made H.I.K.A.R.U unit and that its memories were corrupted and the processor had a hole in it. After writing up a list of things Raid and Hedge went dumpster diving for the parts to repair Raids new android. After the found all the things they returned to Clanker and after looking it over he began to repair the android. Well Raid and Charles helped Clanker, Hedge sat at a chair filing and acid etching all the vin and serial numbers off of each of the parts. After Clanker turned it on the first time Raid had to pull it off of Clanker as it tried to choke him. After turning it back off Clanker said that the memory core was not compatible enough and a brand new one was need. After talking amongst them selves a target was picked and the three headed out. Raid and Charles break off with the order to move in once Hedge creates the distraction, thought he never said what it was. Raid heard and felt the resounding "BOOM" and went into action, making their way to the android education facility. Once there they fond an android memory core that had its education part way completed she began removing it then setting out on the escape rout, the only nose they heard was the "BOOMS" of hedges distraction. After getting back Clanker and Charles set to work on installing the new memory core and after another few day finished transferring over the five years of education. After that was finished Raid offered to be the one to turn the android back on just in case she tried to attack again. Once Raid flipped the switches need she closes the panel as the android looks up at her and imprints on Raid, registering her as her owner.
Form then on they used Clankers apartment as home base for their small group of freelance odd man jobs that came their way. It was in on one of these odd jobs that Mallam Syn hired her, Charles, Karu (short for Hikaru) and Hedge for as body guards for a party his father was throwing for him. Well keeping an eye on him she noticed all possible threats including the android hanging off of a mans arm, Dawn, and the body guard of an official looking woman, Gabriel Kessler.

Characteristic: (points used/points total)
Strength: 15
Reflexes: 20
Agility: 16
Endurance: 19
Beauty: 13
Social: 15 (+2)
Intelligence: 10
Education: 11 (-2)
Wisdom: 14

Skills: (0/66)
  • Co-ordination: 5
  • Endurance: 3
  • Strength: 2

[*]Carouse: 2
[*]Computer: 2
[*]Diplomat: 4
  • Hovercraft: 2

[*]Explosives: 3
  • Turrets: 2
  • Screens: 1

[*]Gun Combat
  • Slug Pistol: 3
  • Energy Pistol: 2

[*]Medic: 4
  • Unarmed combat: 5
  • Blade: 2
  • Bludgeon: 1
  • Natural weapons: 5

[*]Persuade: 2
[*]Recon: 4
[*]Sensors: 1
[*]Stealth: 5
[*]Streetwise: 2
[*]Survival: 2
Military 2

Cerebral Implants-Used to house the A.I. and used to interface with him
Dendrite Spine- A reinforced spine meant to help against hard impacts
Dendrite Skeleton- Reinforcement of the bones to help against hard impacts
Dendrite Claws- Reinforced bone structure in arm and legs giving the person claws at will that can be used as weapons and used for climbing
Dendrite Hair- Can change colors but takes and hour to change and move about at the will of the person or more often the A.I., can also be used as a second way for the A.I. to jack into a computer. Has a shock ability that drains the host
Nano Tattoos- Tattoos made using nano bouts with the only function being able to change colors when the person thinks about changing the color
Nano bouts crystals- Crystals that store nano bouts and are only activated when the owner has suffered major trauma and only able to stabale them for a time so they can be moved to a hospital for treatment
Hover board- a small one person hover craft that is agile and can slip into narrow spaces that a hover car would not be able to
Las guns two
Slug guns two
Stiletto knives two
Set of eight throwing knives

Name: Sir Charles, but Raid just calls him Charles
Age: 20
Race: Human made AI
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks like a British nobleman of the 1600s
Social Standing: low
History: See Raids

Characteristic: (points used/points total)
Strength: 13
Reflexes: 16
Agility: 18
Endurance: 14
Beauty: 12
Social: 11
Intelligence: 20
Education: 19
Wisdom: 15

Skills: (0/59)
[list][*]Administration: 2
[*]Broker: 5
  • Hovercraft: 4

  • Turrets: 1
  • Screens: 1

[*]Investigate: 5
[*]Persuade: 4
[*]Recon: 5
[*]Remote Operations: 5
[*]Sensors: 5

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Fri Oct 29, 2010 4:11 pm

Name: Odessa Syn
(or Foxy for her show name)
Age: 24
Race: Spliced human - Geist
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has electric blue eyes, stands 5'8", black and grey fur. Sleek look from her dancing. Her fur is thicker on her back but is trimmed to be thinner towards her front to show her curves. She has facial reconstruction to look more fox like along with cosmetic ears, tail, and digitigrade legs. She tends to wear little to flowing clothing due to her fur and over heating due to her fur. She has the modified giest electronics about her temples that come around the front of her head, much like a thick circlet.
Social Standing: Lower class in public, middle-high ranking in shadows
Odessa was a child raised to take over her Father's company since he wished for his company to belong in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. He only set this up because in his company of Bioengineering of plants and studying of animals since no one in his company at the time fit his needs of next CEO. He decided to make his own to take over leading to the birth of his daughter Odessa. She was birthed from a bioroid due to her mother's inability to produce children of her own with out the definite risk of death to both her and the child. From a young age of two years, Odessa started her training to become a CEO of a company learning all about the company, the inner workings, and learning about the products that this company made. As she grew older she went to public school to get proper social interactions with people of all classes and races. When not at school she was privately tutored. When she turned six years old, her eyes started to fail for unknown reasons. All genetic tests show she has nothing for any diseases that could lead to her sudden eye failure. When her eyes got replaced with vat grown eyes every one thought she would be fine till they also started to fail as well. This lead to many people believing someone was sabotaging her eye sight. No one was able to find out who or what was causing it so she was left with two cybernetic eyes as replacement. The reasons behind the sudden eye failure was never solved nor did any one reopen the case due to the cybernetic eyes working for her.
As a child she was always the quiet watcher but she was a vindictive little thing where her revenge would hit later. She would set people up where they would suffer for a while before people realized later they didn't do it but could never actually prove that she did it. This has gotten people to leave her alone after a while which is what she like other then talking with people on friendly terms.
Nearing her sixteenth birthday her mother passed away due to the life time illness that she suffered from, finally getting the better of her. The death was no surprise that it would happen any time soon so the new did not hit the quiet girl very hard since she already prepared her self for the eventual death to happen. The death was heart breaking but not hindering of the start of her time to free her self for the five years given to her till she would have to work for her father. All after she recovered from her cerebral implants to help her process

During her time free from the extra tutoring she had fun and found her self getting involved with a biologious, Joseph, and a Mechanicus, Regis. Joseph played with her satisfying her need for pleasures of the flesh while Regis is the one that stimulated her mind and business side. During this time she would visit her bastered cousin, Mallam and have some fun with him and his drug issues. She continued to keep up with what the company was doing and found her father was changing his direction of what the company specialized in. She found this odd and was thrown off kilter when she was told in a party she was no longer the next CEO but a new man in his mid twenties. She was furious but kept silent as she looked about to find out what was really happening. She looked into all the old information for clues before going back to enjoying her self planing on working under her father when she reaches twenty first year. Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, her father passed away to her dismay. She was crushed by the sudden death even though he was getting into his eighth decade.

She was quite torn with every thing of hers taken away in those two years. First her mother, a minor stress point, then her losing what she was raised for, sent her world into violent shakes, and finally the death of her father, bringing what was left of her gilded cage into advance state of decay and ruin.
An anger seethed through her as she went through the information that the company put off to the side and downloaded it into her self and storage devices. She sabotaged all the other information in the system she could before taking off. She left seeking help from her lover, Joseph, who turned her away seeing he now can gain nothing from her. Distraught she turned to the cold, calculating, Regis and their business deals. She was not expecting the man to let her in or even stay but he did and for free for two months under the pretense she will pay rent and find a job.
She spent days just doing any job she could take on the fly after Regis armed her with a stun gun to protect her self from people that might of come after her for one reason or another. After about seven months of working on random jobs the geist approached her with a job that would pay well and allow for her to move up into a position she was trained for, if she altered her self and entered into their folds. She asked if she could think on it which they allowed for. She gave it week of mulling it over before agreeing to the arrangement. They payed for the Geist surgery and the basic splicing. She payed for the cosmetic additions as well as fronting money for the best spicing she could get. When she came out of recovering from the surgery and having her physical therapy over with, she started work. During this time she found out Regis had new roommates.

She started working at the Neon Scratch Bar as a waitress. She was asked to cover one of the dancers after one time and she turned into a hit at the bar leading her to become a dancer. She quickly gained money and contacts at the bar, which allowed her to start getting a small company together. She dipped into her left over money as well to boost the start of it. She continued to keep both jobs, balancing the dancing with being a small CEO. She used a man she has known for ages to be her face man as a false CEO as she controlled her company from the shadows. She also uses the information that she jacked to speed along some projects of robotic animals and gene splicing with plants and animals. She started to attend the CEO parties as a payed dancer or exotic eye candy for her face man. During a large party her bastered cousin suddenly became a potential to a CEO and she got shot up due to people missing her face man and hitting her in an attempt to knock him off. She woke up after the party to find her self in a hospital bed. She requested a biologious arm to replace the arm that was shot up so she may protect her self better.
After getting out and returning home she requested from Regis that he could fit her new arm with a repulser that would act like a shot gun. She does not tell him what kind of arm it is as he works on it not daring to tell a mechanicus that he is working on his cult's hated technology.
(sorry if i missed any thing)

Contacts: X
Allies: 4
Enemies: 1
Rivals: 3

Strength: 11 -1 =10
Endurance: 16
Intelligence: 19 +1 =20
Education: 20
Social: 20 -4 =16
Reflexes: 12
Agility: 14 +1 =15
Beauty: 15
Wisdom: 17+ 1 =18

Skills: ( /56)
  • Administration: (+1) +3
  • Advocate: (+1) +3
  • Animals
    • Training+3

  • Athletics
    • Endurance: +3

  • Art
    • Dance:+3
    • Holography:+2

  • Broker: +4
  • Carouse: +2
  • Comms: (+5)
  • Computer:+3
  • Deception: (+1) +2
  • Diplomat: (+1) +3
  • Drive:
    • Hovercraft: +2

  • Gun Combat
    • Energy Pistol: 1

  • Investigate +2
  • Jack of all Trades: (+1)
  • Leadership: +3
  • Melee
    • Bludgeon: +1
    • Natural weapons: +1

  • Persuade: (+2)
  • Science

  • Physical Sciences
    • Electronics +2
    • Robotics (+1) +2

  • Life Sciences
    • Biology +2
    • Genetics +3

  • Social Sciences
    • Economics +2

  • Stealth: 0
  • Steward : +1
  • Trade (Robotic Animals) +2

-Bionic eye
-Cerebral Implants
-Focused repulser in her part mechanical and biologious arm. (tentacles galore with a pin point shotgun!)
-Bat eared fox ears, tail and fur graphs as well as a skeletal structure change to the legs and skull

-Bat eared fox

-External hard drive
-Body guard, large feline robot

-Modified Stun gun

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:31 pm

Name: H.I.K.A.R.U (Humanoid IQ Kontracted assistant removal unit ) aka Hikaru.
Age: 6 weeks
Race: Android (Custom Model)
Gender: Female

Appearance: (Please Note I will be changing her clothing a bit and what ever Zin thinks I should change)

Has Red hair and purple/Lavender eyes she wears a head piece with two long wires coming from the back of it much like this: http://images.absoluteanime.com/angelic_layer/hikaru.gif her name means Humanoid IQ Kontracted assistant removal unit also known as Hikaru. she looks to be between the ages of 14-16 years old and she is 4’8”. She has small curves like any 14 year old girl that works out would have. She is also well inversed the art of fighting and has small laser-like-guns that come out of her index fingers as wells x-rayed vision and her arms can shift to mini cannons that can send out paralyzing electrical shock waves.
She also has a Scarlet backpack and can sometimes be seen wearing an outfit like one of these in Purple/Black when at a parties with the family that owns her: http://sleepar.deviantart.com/art/Chobits-Chii-and-Freya-34070648 / http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif / http://images.absoluteanime.com/chobits/freya.gif . (these links were party outfits only)

Her favorite outfit looks like this http://manga.animea.net/chobits-chapter-36-page-2.html with Short shorts and this is also the outfit she first gets from the Factory and it is the one she wears the most. She has been known to wear this outfit under all her clothing. Most of her clothing is just modified versions of her normal/favorite outfit.

Social Standing: (she is low class till she gets back to her family)
History: was Created as a Body-guard for some rich mans spoiled 13 year old son as well as act like his girlfriend when his parents took him to social events with other rich families to make them appear to be the best/ richest family around.

While the Family was on vacation the boy Hikaru was protecting was attacked and she reacted but fighting the would be murderer and while she was fighting she told the young Master to run and take cover with one of the other body guard Bots/Androids, as soon as he was safe Hikaru began to do her job, while she was fighting, more bots/ androids and Hackers started to surround and overwhelm her with their team work and the soon made her stop attacking. Since these hackers were not that great they could not control her completely so the forcefully shut her down and left her in a ditch to maybe rust. She was latter switched back on by a mysterious woman.

Hikaru is owned by a 13 year old boy that goes by Siam Riley. He is the son of a Rich CEO who makes parts as well as Robots and Androids. Since the company doesn’t have a teaching facility they had to send Hikaru to a training facility. Since the family was one of the top companies that made Robots and Androids as well as replacement parts for said bots and droids. Hikaru was built using a modified Rouge base which was the Base use to build young teenage robots that were meant for people that couldn't have kids or couldn't adopt.

Siam Riley mini Bio:
13 years old
Has blond and green hair with mahogany colored eyes he is tall for his age and he has a swimmers build…well as much as a 13 year old can have.
He knows his family is rich and is always quick to show it to others. Yet he knew he was kind of lonely even amongst his friends since they all had siblings that they were close to, he was sadly an only child.

Characteristic: (rolled a D 20 for all)
Reflexes: 20
Agility: 20
Endurance: 19
Beauty: 14
Social: 3
Intelligence: 12
Education: 14
Wisdom: 7

Skills: ( /14)




Gun Combat
Slug Rifle:
Slug Pistol: 2
Energy Rifles:
Energy Pistol:

Unarmed combat:
Blade: 3
Natural weapons: 3
Recon: 3
Steward : 3


Back Pack with some clothing (extra shorts and another outfit like her favorite outfit) and pictures that her master gave her to carry for a while. (before she was damaged and Found by Miss Raid.)

Electric Whips and Blades (has a small one that is like a small sword that is spring loaded and hidden in Hikaru’s left arm)
Small lasers in her index fingers and she has repulsers in her hands and feet for flight (Iron Man)
Small lasers in her index fingers and she can turn her hand into a tazer by sending electrical currents through the hand.
If Hikaru’s damage gets to 50% she can and will enter hyper mode. hyper mode will temporarily make her faster and stronger for a short time. If anyone pulls on the long wires that hang from her head/ head piece then they will also get shocked....so don’t pull on them.

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:06 pm

Name: Fuseko
Age: 18
Race: Human cosmetic splicing
Gender: Male
Appearance: generic small cyber punk gangster here
Social Standing: low class (slum)
History: Growing up in the slums were hard as a loner. When a gang started to see him having skills in trinkets he was grabbed which offered the loner Fuseko to have some people backing him up rather then being prey to other gangs that were about. Finally having someone to cover his ass he felt like he found his place getting better at jacking cars as well as modifying small devices.
In his gang they would pull small battles by slipping in to fight out turf wars that crop up a lot about his area. Periodically he would break into people's houses to steal items to support him self. Shortly after joining he was named Protégé to the netrunner of the group's founded free formed AI. There were three different times he was sent in to collect information on different gangs that were far out side their limits and hostile towards his gang

Characteristic: (rolled)

Endurance: 17
Beauty: 4
Social: 2 -1
Intelligence: 12
Education: 5
Wisdom: 11

Skills: (18 age +3 hostile zones)
Hovercraft +2
Mechanic +2
Unarmed combat+3
Physical Sciences
Electronics +2
Slight of Hand+3
Stealth +3
Survival +2
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PostSubject: Re: The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)   

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The Cyberpunk Conection (CC)
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