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 The Sentinels

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PostSubject: The Sentinels   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:44 pm

This is going to be my first shot at a futuristic styled rp with a unique twist. At the end of every day to night period the players will be taking on characters from a time several thousand years past when the majority of the galaxy was still in its primordial stage. The characters from the past time will only be one race which I will list below and in the future/modern time it can be any race given my approval.

In the past you can play as the Bratha, a very intelligent and technologically advanced race who integrated the four elements into all of their cities, some smaller towns having a particular element being more predominant than others but still each element can be found somewhere within the city. When it is time for a Bratha to die they may have their soul be put into a gem which is in turn placed within a suit that will serve as its new body. The suit can just be a mock imitation of its past body or it can be made to serve as a guard and defense. For suit larger than the standard Bratha, multiple soul gems are required to power it.

Though they have trained for warfare the Bratha prefer the more peaceful path in life, looking for ways to better themselves in their eternal pursuit of perfection.

As for modern times, technology has been fiercely regulated and strict bans are in place to prevent a repeat of the Shodan incident. This incident was where an AI went rogue and nearly took over the galaxy but a very skillful hacker managed to supposedly delete her. However her creations still run rampant and seek her resurrection. To prevent the cataclysmic disaster from ever happening again all AI, long range communications (so not past one planet to another in distance), computers, and any form of technology which could form a network has been removed. People using such technology have it confiscated and destroyed while the person suffers severe fines and imprisonment.

So to know where you need to go you need to manually put in the data. There are stations which serve as data banks that store the most recent maps of newly explored areas, any significant changes to the areas around planets, and so on. Each station has a form of non-technical communication such as a single psyker that stays in touch with the most populated areas or magic users staying in touch.

The Illuminati, the current government of the galaxy, is working to maintain order and prevent people from visiting the dozen known planets in a particular sector on the farther rim of the galaxy that is populated by dead worlds. These planets have no visible form of life on them, the surfaces totally barren and the only form of life within this sector are the government ships that constantly patrol it to be sure nobody trespasses.

For viable technology that people can use there cannot be any form of a computer interface so nothing complex can be on something like an exo-skeletal suit that uses hydraulics for heavy lifting. Cybernetics are in the basic stage like a metallic hand used for picking up things (think what is currently available today only immobile unless another hand changes how open or close the claw or fingers are).

Rules and side data
-no fast healing of any sort, if you need to heal use magic or bandages.
-if there are missions you want to do or ideas you have then let me know
-I’m just putting this up to see who is interested, more data like character stat restrictions and such will come up if enough are interested
-the Bratha are humanoid yet look serpentine in form, being covered in scales that can vary in color but generally are tan and their eyes are slitted, like that of a snake. They have two fangs which they keep relaxed in their mouth and they only use their venom when they have no other choice since their venom is powerful enough to kill. Every movement from them is sleek and graceful, almost like they slither along moreso than walk.

Name: Captain Gabin
Race: human (or so it seems)
Gender: male

Apperance: Gabin wears a leather belt with two gun holsters in the sides where he always carries a pair of chain pistols which are essentially mini machine guns. He has a tough, leathery looking face, is very protective of his friends and never forgets a wrong done to him or his friends. He wears a pair of boots that have small iron studs in the bottom so he can have extra traction, but it makes it so every time he walks on solid ground you can hear him coming due to the “clack, clack, clack” of his boots. He wears a black long sleeved shirt that covers his muscular body and a pair of military camouflage pants. His hair is straight cut, the same as when he was in the military but if you look up close to his hair, you can see that it is unusually wavy and it isn’t all one shade of brown. Also, his eyes are a golden tan.

Bio: Not much is known about Gabin, aside from Geordy his crew doesn’t know much since he doesn't talk about it. What is known, though, is that he once served the Galactic Military, but when he was denied an increase of rank he had earned, he became a rogue bounty hunter/smuggler. This has caused the Galactic Military to set a bounty on his head for abandoning his role and for going against the lawful side of society. Not only this, but he has formed a grudge match between him, the military commander, and a few bounty hunters whom he didn’t kill but knocked out and stole whatever valuables were on them. It’s as if he enjoys the challenge that comes from other hunter’s attempts on his life. He is currently the commander of the ship Viruz which is a mini battle/cargo ship that hosts a variety of crew members from any number of races across the galaxy. His pilot and navigator Geordy has been with him for as long as anyone can remember, the pair are always found together. Having met up in grade school they became instant friends and went to the same pilot schools and military camps. Though while Gabin went on to be battle-oriented, Geordy stuck with the ships and building their defenses and weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: The Sentinels   Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:02 pm

Hmmm this actually sounds interesting, count me in.
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The Sentinels
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