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 Defenders of Mobius

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PostSubject: Defenders of Mobius   Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:14 pm

Emergency, Emergency, Emergency

Entering Lock Down Mode

Intruders in the solitary confinement block

The intruders are armed and dangerous

Use extreme caution

As the prison security rang out 3 figures could be seen running up the halls. Stopping at an area with 3passage ways, the figures looked at each other then nodding they each took a separate path as they parted ways the tallest of the group spoke “Get what we came for, I’ll get our Father.” Nodding the second tallest then added, “I will deal with the security, we shall meet back at the base.” and with that said the 3 went there separate ways to complete their mission.

About 200 miles away deep in the mountains 2 Girls could be heard arguing near a small workshop that was carved in to the side of the mountain.

“How was I suppose to know that stupid robot was yours it looks like the ones that mad man use to terrorize the planet with!” screamed the small red female Echidna that was standing on a pile of robotic parts.

“How could you not tell the difference? My mech looked nothing like a robot!” screamed the angry little two tailed fox that was glaring daggers at her so called friend.

“well it was moving around by its self what was I suppose to think huh Runt!” crystal’s voice said in anger, “can you answer that?”

“I was testing my new remote control for it... no I have to rebuild it from scratch thanks Crystal.” Techie said with a pout

“Looks I am sorry but warn me next tine you know how I feel about robots Tech” Crystal apologized as she stated to pick up a rather large piece of the mech.

“Its fine. I just forgot bout that, I’ll forgive you faster if you help me move the parts in to the work shop.”

Rolling her eyes Crystal nodded “Fine but you better make it stronger it was too easy for me to tear apart and I don’t even have my metal breakers on…in fact I haven’t seen them for quite some time…Oh well I’ll find them later. I and gonna go train for a bit come find me in the clearing if you need me.” Crystal then started to walk away once she finished with the heavy lifting.

As Crystal was walking away Rena “Techie” Prower turned on the solar powered T.V. to the news

On the tv:

In breaking news there was a break out at the mountain high prison today police are still baffles at how the worlds greatest threat to world piece escape from his cell while under the tightest security in the hardest prisons to escape from. What we do know is there was also a break in that same morning and the culprits have yet to be caught.

As Techie heard this, she turned to run into the forest to locate Crystal.


“Good work my children, soon are plans will begin very soon.” The Round doctor then looked to the short creature in front of him “Eklipse did you get the shoes?” he asked with a menacing look “cause if you didn’t I’ll destroy you right now.”
"yes sir I got it them don’t worry they are safe with me as a matter of fact if you want I can put them on right now". Eklipse then looks around the room and thinks to himself" heh so much for a thank"

" I have to make a few adjustments other wise they will not function properly, and don’t get ahead of your self your job is that of a body gaurd and your to do what I tell you and nothing more" Robotnik then turned to the Girl. "Maria did you get the Emeralds?”

“Yes I did Father” Came a Cold female Voice.
“Good, good” he then turned to the Tallest

“Robotnik 2 Have you finished the new Mechs yet?”
“Yes I have Father, I hope they are to your liking”


As the News played out a group of mobians could be seen looking in the window at the news. One of the members spoke up "Well that isn't good...and after all that work to finally Capture him" Came the female voice that belonged to an albino bat
"thats a good one, you didn't do anything to help" Came the rough Voice of Knuckles who decided to come down from Angel Island for an hour since Tails said he would set a security system that would run off the Master emerald To keep the Island safe.

“what are you two arguing about now?” Questioned the Voices of Amy Rose.

“Noithing…I was just Mad that the Dr. escaped” was all that Rouge Said as she started towards another store.

“Sure you were. Well I better go back to the Island to Make sure the Emerald is Safe no telling what trouble Vector, Charmy are getting in to even with Espio there too and I wanna see what the secrity thing that Tails is putting up.” and with that said Knuckle started in the direction of the Mall door.

“What should we do next?” Asked Amy as Rouge came back with another bag in tow.
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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:28 pm

A grey colored lizard girl walks over to Rouge and playfully bumps her with her hips. "First thing I think we do i get Ms. Bat here away from the boring news and back to the shopping. We're going to the jewelry store next Rouge, and we all know how you LOVE jewelry. Ain't that right Amy?" Nori laughed a bit with a bag slung over her shoulder. "And if you ask nicely Rouge I just might get you something as a gift. BFFs right?" She cheered and playfully hugged the bat with one arm.
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Merrick Rose


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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Tue Feb 16, 2010 7:48 pm

Near them, a female hedgehog with blood red fur and quills ending in black tips was sipping her drink when the news came on saying that Robotnik had been broken out of prison. A look of disbelief formed on her young face. "Are you kidding me? I swear, that fat loser doesn't know when to just give up." Even though she couldn't believe that he was free again, she chuckled lightly. "No matter. We locked him up once. We can do it again. Right, Merrick?" "I don't know..." came a voice to Merrin's right, belonging to a hedgehog identical in appearance to her. "Whoever busted him out made breaking into that prison look easy. I have a bad feeling about this." Merrin shook her head, facepalming. "What?" "You never say "I have a bad feeling about this," snapped Merrin. "Haven't you seen Star Wars? Something bad ALWAYS happens whenever someone says that." "Oh, wow. You're just being paranoid, sis." Merrin stuck her tongue out. "Eh... I guess."
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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:18 pm

topic warning

Whoot new post....Sorry it took so long....will post when I can.... *growles snarl about School being in the way* well anyway here it is enjoy.... oh and just poke me if you need me for a post. topic warning
cake :awsomesnake: cake is no longer a lie....XD.... Enjoy....


As Knuckles was on his way back to Angel Island, he spotted Sonic relaxing by a tree. To Knuckles it looked as if he was taking a nap, so he let him be as she continued back to his Island.

Once he was there, he ran to the altar of the Master Emerald only to find testing the new system out.

“Well is it finished?” He asked, as he got closer
“Huh? Oh hi Knuckles. Almost it just needs a few tweaks” was his response as he set back to work on the info-red beam projector that lead to a silent alarm that would be connected wirelessly to a watch like sensor that Knuckles would wear on his wrist.

With a few small adjustments and the little fox announced that he was now finished and set about teaching Knuckles how to operate the system


Rouge looked at the lizard girl then the others over lunch with a smile.

“Yeah you can say that. You want to have a girl’s night in and watch some movies or something?”

Rouge then looked at the other girls… and then at Merrick “Okay or we can have a party and invite the guys over too,” Said Rouge not caring about the news report that was still on in the background.

“Although, if we have a party I will have more shopping to do. Does anyone want to come with me?” she asked as she looked at her friends

“Um Rouge, I have to go now I promised Cream and Vanilla I would help with some baking at there house. I am sure they wouldn’t mind if any of you came too,” Said Amy with a smile.

“Sorry Amy Baking isn’t really my thing but if there were jewels involved them maybe. Which reminds me I need to go to the Jewelry store and pick up a few things” Said Rouge as she stud up from her chair and picked up her bags. “But thanks for the invite Amy.”

“Sure, Well I should head off too so if you wanna come then lets go”

Both Rouge and Amy waited a few minuets to see if anyone wanted to go with them.


“Crystal!... Crystal!” Came the frantic voice of the fox girl as she got to the clearing that her friend was in. Upon seeing her Crystal Stopped what she was doing.

“What’s wrong Squirt?” Asked Crystal as she watched Techie catch her breath.

“I *huff* Just *huff huff* …”

“Techie breath then tell me what happen” Said the Echidna as she climbs up and sits in a neat by tree as the small fox caught her breath.

Once she caught her breath, she told her everything she heard on the news

“Well now I have a chance to take him out for good now,” Said Crystal with a Cocky smirk on her face

“But Crystal he’s and evil genus. Who escaped from the most secure prison on the planet.” Exclaimed Techie as Crystal jumped down from the tree and started toward there home.

“Rena “Techie” Prower, you worry too much, I can deal with him when the time comes” Was all she said as she walked away.

As Techie just stood there, she was at a loss for what to say when she heard Crystal Call back to her “you coming or do you wanna stand there all night?”

Shaking her head Techie followed Crystal back home to get some dinner and finish her new mech.


Note: Robitnik 2 shall be called Ivan so I can tell the 2 apart… I will also post Good and Evil post separately on occasions

As Robotnik went in to his lab the other 3 followed. Robotnic the 2nd went with Maria to make sure everything was in order for her to help their little friend test out his new power up shoes.

After about and Hour Robotnik turned to Eklipse “Alright Eklipse get over here now.” He ordered. He then had a robot hand over what appeared to be a pair of shoes but these were no ordinary shoes these shoes had the power to make its wearer jump great distances. The spikes on the bottom were to shatter the ground underneath the wearer creating a small sonic boom in the area that is directly in front of the user when the wearer strikes or lands , can survive a 10-15 story fall if the owner lands on there feet…the bigger the fall the more destructive and sonic boom is,

“Now Eklipse listen carefully I am not going to say this more than once. I have upgraded your shoes they can now create a widespread Sonic boom in a 5 mile radius around your self and you can now fall from even greater heights to create and even more destruction than before.

“I can up grade them again if you bring me the Power gem that controls Earth but first you need to find where the crystals are hidden last I hear there was an Echidna Guarding them but that was 10 years ago. I want you to locate the crystals and find out who has them, and then use the com-link to report in. I will give you farther orders then. Now off with you, you are to leave with Maria at once.” With that said the Doctor left the room to go in to another part of his lab calling Ivan in to work on a new project.

As Maria and Eklipse were leaving Ivan's voice came over the intercom of the building "Maria, Eklipse , Father Said for Eklipse to Start with the Knuckle-head Echidna that lives on Angel Island while Maria Locates Shadow the Hedgehog and get his Chaos emerald from him" as soon as you do that Report in" then the calm-link went dead.

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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:00 pm

Nori cheered happily then hugged the bat happily and swished her tail around. "That sounds like fun! I'll head to my place and get somethings then head to your place! Here~!" She handed over some money to Rouge then winked at her playfully. "Get yourself some nice jewelry. My treat, tata friends. See ya later~!" She blew a kiss to her friends before leaving the mall and heading to her house to pack up a few things for the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:01 pm

Hearing Ivans voice over the intercom as Eklipse is walking with Maria and rolls his eyes" hmph these guys sure know what pinches my nerv alright do this do that do this do that Gah "spits on the floor "hey maria wanna give me a lift to angel island...seeing as though big man wants me over there to kick some ass"

"YOu better watch what you say about Father or i will kill you my self" sha states as she gets in to her Mech "Get on and you better not slow me down i hav to Fint the Black Hedgehog and if yo make me miss my chance i will cause you harm" withthat said she starts up the hyper engen of her mech, the Black Rose. A name she piced for her self since she wasn't to happy with the name Egg Mech mark 2. as her mech took to the air she starts in the direction of Angel Island

Eklipse jumps on top of the black rose and starts to tap his new and improved boots agains the metal surface of the mech suite"yeah yeah yeah boss kill me and kill you and the world ive heard that plenty of times...tell me something now you do no one of these days eventually were gunna have to fight the world...heh and when that day comes ill be there to destroy it"Eklipse gives off an evil laugh as he sits there and his cloak waves against the wind

"You better not Mess up the Black Rose up there you Idiot." she say as they get closer to the Floating island

" yeah whatever dont get your panties in a bunch this tin can...will serve you good so you have nothing to worry about". Seeing the island get closer and closer Eklipse looks up at the stars and cracks his neck " and takes a deep breathe"this knuckles guy is going to get killed maria you better not fail in your mission...you wouldnt want to dissapoint daddy now wouldnt you?".Laughs as he stands up and crouches preparing to jump off the mech suite as the floating island is just out of reach

As the Island gets closer Maria gives him a word of Advice "you Don't want to alert him of your persents yet...So wait till i land and besides if you distry this Island than Fateher will be mad that you lost the Gems and the Master Emerald...so just watch him for a bit. if the crystals are not here Get the Master Emerald and if you can bring the Echidna back alive I know Father wanted a new test subjuect and he will do nicely"
Maris said in her Cold voice
as they landed

"yeah whatever maria" Eklipse says as he slowly slides off the mech suite so that he wont create a sonic boom alerting others"you coming with me or you on your own?"

"I have my own mission contact me or Father when you have subdued the Echidna or have the Emerald or Gems" she then takes off tossing a waky talky watch at the Dark Echidna

catching it with his hand while looking out towards the woods"yeah...if i dont kill him that is"Eklipse smirks and jumps towards the trees impaling them with his spike like boots jumping from tree to tree after hours of jumping and traveling he hears voices in the distance" heh should be either that dead echidna or some bystanders who could lead me to them" As he leaps towards the voices

Maria's voice colud be heard on the Intercom "You better not kill him Father needs him to test out his and brithers invention."
and if your gonna talk to your self make sure your not holding the button you idiot

"Oh and if your gonna talk to your self make sure your not holding the button you idiot" came Maria's Cold taunting Voice

"you mind your tounge before you lose it maria...i mean how are you ever gunna have any freinds when you act like that?"Eklipse says in sarcasm. As he looks out past some trees he sees the supposed target with a fox"hey mariah what does knuckles look like?"

"He is an Echidna you dult...have you even listened to a word I said?"

"no really?...you idiot what does he wear?pendents?boots???..gloves??.what?

"there is Only One Echidna in the area dumb ass" Exclamed Maria who as very quicly loosing her temper
"and who needs friends when i will be one of the worlds leaders

" calm down maria...i no deep down inside you like me and you express it through anger...and yeah you be leader??psh over my dead body"Turning down his walky talky. Eklipse gets closer to his target and jumps in the tree watching them from above
"what ever you can just think that...Now get that Echidna and the Gems"

"Maria Out"

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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:09 pm

[b]As Maria got to the area just outside the City limits she lands her mech on a path the leads to the forest. “he should be here any time now I guess I will have to entertain my self a bit.” She then starts to sing a rather childish sounding song with a gruesome twist. The song when like this:

“Over the meadow, across the bridge and through the woods to grandmother’s house she goes… Little Red… went over the meadow across the bridge and through the woods… the wood… the woods… she never made it through the wood… Little Red never made it through the wood… Cause. Of. The. Big. Bad. Wolf. She never made it beyond the wood, to grandmother’s house she went. All. That. Was. Left. Of. Little Red. Was her hood…her hood… Cause she made it over the meadow, across the bridge but never through the woods…the woods…the woods…..Poor. Little. Red. Is. Dead. Never to be seen. Again. For she never made it through the woods. Ha ha ha. *sighs* that Stupid girl!”

When she finished singing she noticed that someone was standing in front of her.

“M-Maria?” came the sad yet shocked voice of Shadow as he took in the form of his old friend. Yet something seemed off about her the look in her eyes that held no kindness and the fact that she was just singing a song about the death of a little girl and laughing when she finished. As she looked back at him she saw him take a step back and then glare at her with his crimson eyes.

“Your Not Maria Who are you and why do you look like her” he said in anger

Maria just smiles a cold twisted smile as she hops down from her mech.

“Yes I am not the Maria you knew but My name is Maria. I was created from her D.N.A. … why so shocked Shadow You should have guessed as much?” She replied in a cold voice
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PostSubject: Re: Defenders of Mobius   

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Defenders of Mobius
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